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Power Line Communications (PLC) Success Story Presentation

The Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HSLU) has successfully demonstrated their Power Line data bUS (PLUS) technology for the ventilation control system in the ASHLEY project. PLUS is a Power Line Communications (PLC) technology dedicated for safety-critical applications. Diehl Aerospace and HSLU are partnering in the development of the PLC technology and have together recently won the 2017 Crystal Cabin Award in the category Cabin Systems. This presentation provides an overview of PLUS and outlines the vision for the further development of the PLC technology.


Workshop on "Extreme Environment Sensing"

On Tuesday 9th May Oxsensis Ltd. attended and presented at the workshop on "Extreme Environment Sensing" in Southampton, organised by the MENSUS (Monitoring of Engineered and Natural Systems Using Sensors) USRG (University Strategic Research Group) of the University of Southampton. The workshop brought together people from industry and academia to discuss about sensors in harsh environments. Oxsensis Ltd. presented a presentation about "Optical sensor for the aerospace industry".


EEAG Workshop: "Quality and Repeatability in Photonics"

The ASHLEY External Experts Advisory Group (EEAG) Meeting on "Quality and Repeatability in Photonics" was held on the 29th and 30th March 2017 in SINTEF Oslo (Norway) and It was organised by Airbus Operations Ltd, ISQ and SINTEF.

The event saw the participation of 38 experts and leaders in the field of Photonics and Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA) coming from 28 institutions and companies from inside and outside the ASHLEY Project consortium. The participants’ background covered a broad spectrum of expertise and sectors, ranging from aeronautics to space, from oil & gas to academic research.

The first day of the meeting was dedicated to the introduction of the key objectives of the meeting and the presentation of the top-level Roadmaps for future adoption of Photonic technologies in harsh environment applications, such as aeronautics and space. The participants were then split in groups to discuss the current status and the key drivers to enhance the manufacturing quality and repeatability of photonics and to allow for a wider deployment in the future.

The second day saw each group presenting the outcomes of their discussion and sharing them with the rest of the audience for further debate. The next steps after the meeting were also presented: the outcomes of the EEAG meeting on “Quality and Repeatability in Photonics” will become an input to the activities undertaken by the ISROS Society (International Society on the Reliability of Optoelectronics for Systems) (http://www.isros.org/). The strong link with ISROS will enable further progress on the subject of the meeting beyond the ASHLEY project.

The ASHLEY EEAG Meeting was an excellent opportunity to initiate a network of expertise around the topic of “Quality and Repeatability in Photonics” and the results of the meeting will be extremely valuable to help shape the next activities and projects related to photonics in the field of IMA and beyond.

The ASHLEY EEAG Organising Committee.


Integrated Modular Avionics. Prospects of development
MAKS-2017 Air Show on July 20, 2017

State Research Institute for Aviation Systems (GosNIIAS) is pleased to invite you to the 4th International Conference "Integrated Modular Avionics. Prospects of development" which is to be held within the frame of MAKS-2017 Air Show on July 20, 2017.

The latest technical solutions in the field of next-generation highly integrated commercial avionics and general aircraft systems based on distributed modular electronics (DME) will be discussed at this event.

The Conference will highlight advances in the following areas:

1. Next-generation highly integrated fail-safe architectures and unified hardware solutions for avionics and general aircraft systems based on DME.
2. New functionality of avionics and general aircraft systems for aircraft safety increasing and maintenance cost decreasing.
3. Next-generation aircraft cabin equipment.
4. Next-generation technologies and computer-aided design facilities for avionics. Certification methods for highly integrated airborne equipment.

Leading national and international aviation companies and organizations have already confirmed their participation in the Conference as speakers.

We invite you to participate in the Conference and register at the dedicated website http://www.modern-avionics.com/our-events/conferences-workshops/

We look forward seeing you in Moscow.

Points of Contact:
Svetlana, Yulia
phone +7-499-775 21 98,
e-mail: info-ved@gosniias.ru


International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2017

18 – 23 July 2017
Zhukovsky, Russia

International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS holds one of the leading positions among the world´s largest aviation forums and it is well-deserved.

The main objective of MAKS is to demonstrate achievements of Russian high tech and receptiveness of the domestic Russian market to joint projects with foreign partners. During MAKS, top Russian officials are available for business communication. MAKS offers a unique opportunity to those involved in the aviation and space industry business to get to know the opinion of decision-makers generating decisions on key issues related to the development, production and sale of aviation equipment and weapons. MAKS provides a comprehensive insight into the priorities and achievements of the Russian aerospace industry. Some prototypes of aircrafts and combat systems as well as experimental units that for one reason or another cannot be shown abroad, are demonstrate exclusively at MAKS. MAKS provides a unique opportunity to experts in the field and businessmen for establishing multi-level connections, further developing industrial cooperation and finding new business partners. The key role of the Aviation Salon as a generator of new alliances and productive ideas is recognized worldwide. MAKS is held in Zhukovsky – the town synonymous to the aviation science and technology – at the airfield of the country´s central test base – Gromov Flight Research Institute. Guests of the Salon can familiarize themselves with the biggest Russian scientific, production and experimental hubs located in the close proximity.

ASHLEY Project: 3rd Annual Review and ASHLEY Public Forum

Airbus UK hosted the 3rd Annual Review and the ASHLEY Public Forum.
Both events were held in Filton, Bristol, from 25th until 27th October 2016.
We are pleased to show you the Event Video!
More information coming up soon...


ASHLEY Public Forum 2016 – 25th October 2016 - Bristol, Filton

Registration soon will be open for the ASHLEY Public Forum!


ASHLEY EEAG 2016! – Barcelona, 9th and 10th June

GTD SISTEMAS DE INFORMACION SA will host the EEAG Workshop 2016.
Topic: "Avionics Secured Data Distribution Service"


CRYSTAL - Final dissemination event
in conjunction with 5th European Conference on Interoperability for Embedded Systems Development Environments

The goal of this event is to present the achieved results in the project regarding sustainable interoperability for embedded systems development environments. 1.5 days full of information about the CRYSTAL approach in establishing and pushing forward an Interoperability Specification (IOS) as an open European standard for the development of safety-critical embedded systems in the automotive, aerospace, rail and health care domain.

The event includes Well-known keynote speakers will talk about inspirations in engineering in the future. End Users and Tool Vendors will explain how CRYSTAL has influenced their business from management perspective. In technical presentations based on use cases you will get insight to the challenges and achievements in CRYSTAL. Technical highlights will be presented in the exhibition area. There you can freely walk around to see demos and posters around interoperability in embedded systems development environments Standardization Organizations talk about experiences during the implementation of CRYSTAL use cases.



Second Annual Review & Academic Workshop

ISQ will host the 2nd Annual Review the 2nd Academic Workshop and Market Place. Both events are held in Taguspark, Porto Salvo, from 3rd until 5th of November 2015.


Aerodays 2015

Aerodays, the 7th European Aeronautics Days, is the European flagship event in aviation research and innovation which takes place once, during each EU Research Framework Programme.



ASHLEY EEAG 2015! Lisbon, 18th and 19th June

The 2nd Plenary Meeting under the Topic "Avionic Database Distribution Service" will be held on 18th and 19th June 2015 in Estoril/Lisbon.


1st Academic Workshop! Linköping, October 2014

The 1st Academic Workshop will be held together with the 1st annual project review at Linkoping on the 22nd October 2014, with the full support of the local host partner SAAB.



1st Market Place! Linköping, October 2014

The Market Place event will provide an opportunity to the ASHLEY Partners specially SME’s and Research Institutes to present posters regarding products or any other relevant topics related with ASHLEY developments. In the 1st ASHLEY Market Place will be presented technical posters of products, hardware/software and technical work related to ASHLEY Project.

The 1st Market Place will be held together with the 1st annual project review at Linkoping on the 22nd October 2014, with the full support of the local host partner SAAB.


ASHLEY EEAG 2014 – Hamburg

The first EEAG Workshop will be held on 5th of November in Airbus – Hamburg facilities. The mission of ASHLEY EEAG for the 1st year is to enable technologies for other industries by sharing technical knowledge, and exchange of experience between different stakeholders from Industry and Research Communities.


CAPPADOCIA (Coordination Action "Pro Production, Avionics, Design" on Cost-efficiency in Aeronautics)

CAPPADOCIA (Coordination Action "Pro Production, Avionics, Design" on Cost-efficiency in Aeronautics) focuses on research activities contributing to the achievements of the SRIA goal of cost efficiency in Aeronautics and Air Transport. This Coordination and Support Action, financed by the European Commission through the 7th Framework Programme, aims at assessing, on the one hand past, on-going and future EC-funded projects focused on cost efficiency; and on the other hand, at identifying existing gaps and bottlenecks within the targeted research landscape, accordingly with the objectives set up in the call addressed. Both activities will lead to the edition of yearly strategic recommendations reports to address the cost efficiency targeted research domains (i.e. Design Systems and Tools, Production, Avionics) in terms of state of the art and impact assessment towards the ACARE goals and solutions achievements. These strategic recommendations will be easily used by research policy makers as well as support the EC in preparation of future Work Programmes (e.g. Horizon 2020).





Conference Programme Here


ALICIA - Final Event - 30th of July 2014 in Rome

Presentation of the final project results

More information about the project:


Kicked off on 11-12-13th March!

Work Package 45- IMA2G Advanced Studies

Work Package 24- Certification & Standardisation Aspects

Work Package 23 - Delivery Centre & Training Support


ASHLEY Project Kick-Off Meeting

Toulouse, France

October 29-30th 2013