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EEAG Workshop: "Quality and Repeatability in Photonics"


The ASHLEY External Experts Advisory Group (EEAG) Meeting on "Quality and Repeatability in Photonics" was held on the 29th and 30th March 2017 in SINTEF Oslo (Norway) and It was organised by Airbus Operations Ltd, ISQ and SINTEF.

The event saw the participation of 38 experts and leaders in the field of Photonics and Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA) coming from 28 institutions and companies from inside and outside the ASHLEY Project consortium. The participants’ background covered a broad spectrum of expertise and sectors, ranging from aeronautics to space, from oil & gas to academic research.

The first day of the meeting was dedicated to the introduction of the key objectives of the meeting and the presentation of the top-level Roadmaps for future adoption of Photonic technologies in harsh environment applications, such as aeronautics and space. The participants were then split in groups to discuss the current status and the key drivers to enhance the manufacturing quality and repeatability of photonics and to allow for a wider deployment in the future.

The second day saw each group presenting the outcomes of their discussion and sharing them with the rest of the audience for further debate. The next steps after the meeting were also presented: the outcomes of the EEAG meeting on “Quality and Repeatability in Photonics” will become an input to the activities undertaken by the ISROS Society (International Society on the Reliability of Optoelectronics for Systems) (http://www.isros.org/). The strong link with ISROS will enable further progress on the subject of the meeting beyond the ASHLEY project.

The ASHLEY EEAG Meeting was an excellent opportunity to initiate a network of expertise around the topic of “Quality and Repeatability in Photonics” and the results of the meeting will be extremely valuable to help shape the next activities and projects related to photonics in the field of IMA and beyond.

The ASHLEY EEAG Organising Committee.


ASHLEY Meeting


ASHLEY Meeting on "QUALITY AND REPEATABILITY IN PHOTONICS" organised by the ASHLEY Project will be held in Oslo, Norway – 29 & 30 of March 2017.


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ASHLEY Public Forum, 25th October 2016


The ASHLEY Public Forum was held on 25th October 2016 in Airbus, Filton (Bristol).
Was a very good opportunity to understand the latest achievements and developments in the project, to establish contacts and exchange views with the major players of the Avionics field in Europe.

Throughout the event was possible:
-To attend technical conferences delivered by experts from the ASHLEY consortium and also from external -organizations such as universities and research institutes;
-Visit the market place / exhibition area where ASHLEY partners showed equipment, videos and displayed posters focusing on their activities and main achievements in and beyond ASHLEY.

The ASHLEY Project had the participation of the University of the West of England. Was a very successful partnership where 3 presentations with very interesting and innovative topics and also an interview was recorded.

The Forum had 11 stands with Demos, equipment’s and tools demonstration.  21 posters and 19 leaflets were showed.
The stands involved the following themes:
- Advanced studies
- Tools Demonstrations
- SME’s equipment demonstration
- Academies

During the Forum 8 presentations were held complying the following topics: Power Line Communications for Safety Critical Applications; Cloud-based Big Data Analytics and the Internet of Things in Avionics - Big Data Query Pipeline Formulation and Processing on Cloud; ASHLEY Tool Chain Framework; Quality Governance and Change Management for Systems of Systems Applied to Airbus Avionics; How Avionics can improve Air Traffic Control; Green Software Engineering for Airbus Avionics; Photovoltaic laser power converters with increased voltage output for power-by-light systems  and New IMA Architecture Approach Based on IMA.


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ASHLEY Public Forum 2016 – Bristol


The Forum and Exhibition will be held on the 25th of October 2016 in Filton (Bristol), to show and demonstrate the results achieved by the ASHLEY Project. Will be a unique opportunity for you to contact with the major players in Avionics field!

ASHLEY Project has the main objective of consolidating and extending the efforts of several independent projects by improving the current the Integrated Modular Avionics Second Generation (IMA2G) Distributed Platform Solution. Is a valuable asset on the IMA2G path to address future aircrafts program.

The consortium gathers 36 entities from 13 different countries bringing together the top experts in the field.

Throughout the event, you will be able to:

  • visit Market Place/Exhibition, stands with shown devices and dissemination material, containing valuable information about the state of the art in avionics and on the latest project ASHLEY developments;
  • attend to Technical conferences either from inside the ASHLEY Consortium as also from the external entities, universities and other institutes.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

The event is free, but registration is required.

ASHLEY Forum Registration Form

Please return this form to ashley-filton@eurtd.com by Friday 7th October 2016.

ASHLEY EEAG 2016 – Barcelona


The third EEAG workshop was held on 9th and 10th of June 2016 , Barcelon,a in GTD, Sistemas de Informacion SA premises. GTD, ISQ and THALES were in charge of all the organisation of the EEAG.

During the workshop several technical presentations under the topic “Avionic Database Distribution Service (DBS) - On ground IT security, Mobile security, On-board IT security” were discussed, and the objectives defined for the EEAG for the 3rd year were achieved. The external stakeholders confirmed the interest of having this type of workshop and exchange of knowledge. The results of the meeting will be integrated in the ASHLEY project developments.

Second Annual Review & Academic Workshop & Market Place


ISQ hosted the 2nd Annual Review the 2nd Academic Workshop and Market Place. Both events were held in Taguspark, Porto Salvo, from 3rd until 5th of November 2015.

The market place consisted in presenting partner’s posters, products and/or relevant tools used for the ASHLEY developments. Partners, particularly industrial partners and SMEs, were kindly invited to bring together relevant developments and/or products and share it with the consortium, European Commission and project reviewers.

The academic workshop consisted in providing technical and scientific background on the main issues developed or supporting ASHLEY products. This event was organised with the support of the universities and research institutes part of ASHLEY, and also with the support of the GMV Partner.

Was a dedicated opportunity for partners to share with the remaining ASHLEY community relevant scientific work and background related to the project.

Aerodays 2015


Aerodays was designed to present strategic perspectives for aviation, including research and innovation. The goal is to share achievements of collaborative research and innovation in aeronautics and air transport within Europe and world-wide international co-operation.

Aerodays2015 took place in Central London, UK from 20-23 October 2015.

The ASHLEY Project attended Aerodays with a booth.

Project poster, an e-booklet for products/tools and technical videos were produced for Aerodays. The ASHLEY Project was also represented with the participation in a parallel session.

ASHLEY EEAG 2015 - Lisbon


During the 2nd year of the project, the 2nd EEAG workshop was held on 18th and 19th of June 2015, in Estoril (Lisbon). ISQ and THALES were in charge of all the organisation of the EEAG.

The topic selected for the 2nd year of the EEAG was the Avionic Database Distribution Service (DBS). The main goal of the EEAG workshop was to share a vision of potential new data flows on board the aircraft and with the ground, collecting feedback from the EEAG members. The workshop addressed three domains:

  • Air Traffic Control Data
  • Meteo Data
  • Data Communications means

The external stakeholders confirmed the interest of having this type of workshop and exchange of knowledge.

First Annual Review & Academic Workshop - Linkoping


The 1st Academic Workshop occurred together with the 1st annual project review at Linkoping on the 22nd October 2014, with the full support of the local host partner SAAB.

The objective of the academic workshop was to give an opportunity for partners to share, with the remaining ASHLEY community, relevant scientific work and background related to the project. In this case the research institutes and universities of the ASHLEY consortium were best placed to make presentations and share technical and scientific knowledge.

In order to promote the exchange of knowledge outside the project, Swedish universities and research institutes were invited to attend the Academic Workshop as well as to present their work.

ASHLEY EEAG 2014 - Hamburg


The first EEAG Workshop occurred on 5th of November in Airbus – Hamburg facilities. The mission of ASHLEY EEAG for the 1st year was to enable technologies for other industries by sharing technical knowledge, and exchange of experience between different stakeholders from Industry and Research Communities. During the workshop several presentations of the ASHLEY partners and external presentations were held.

The objectives defined for the EEAG for the 1st year were achieved, in where it was possible to identify opportunities for exchange experience between industries particularly among the automotive sector and ASHLEY Project.